HomeTales website and apps are the property of HomeTales. For HomeTales, it is essential that user data is handled in a responsible way. Your personal data will be carefully processed and secured. HomeTales complies with the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). The aim of this privacy statement is to inform you how HomeTales uses the personal data collected about you on this website and apps and how you can change the data or arrange for the data to be removed. This privacy statement relates to this website and apps only and not to other website and apps to which there are links on this site.

Purposes of collecting and processing personal data

HomeTales collects and processes your personal data, your profiles data, including your e-mail address, IP address,name, gps data, your home information, your own created tales, your gps location, as well as your telephone numbers, social login, and search profile, for the following purposes:

  • To deliver our services, whether or not via HomeTales website and apps.
  • To measure interest in our products (statistics via google analytics) and to make our website and apps more user friendly.
  • To keep you informed of interesting offers relating to HomeTales products and services, and for other direct marketing purposes.
  • To make your personal data available to partners carefully selected by us in view of the above-mentioned direct marketing purposes, unless you object to your data being passed on to (or being used for account of) third parties.
  • To pass on your details to the police, the judiciary and other investigative services to comply with statutory obligations or to a court ruling or to prevent the detection or prosecution of criminal offences. For other purposes, as specifically described when your data is collected.

Your rights

You can view the data we collect about you at any time, or arrange for the data to be removed. You can do this in the mobile app under menu option NaN- My information. In addition, you can object to your data being used for direct marketing purposes at any time. To do this, you can go to www.hometales.nl at the bottom there is a contact form you may use. If, as a visitor to the website and apps, you decide to agree that your data is processed to a third party via HomeTales, HomeTales bears no responsibility whatsoever for the way in which the third party handles your data.

Data security

HomeTales is constantly taking appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss of your personal data, as well as access to your personal data by unauthorised persons or to contest the unlawful processing of your personal data. In these cyber times there is never a guarantee for 100% security hence HomeTales is not responsible for claims or loss of data.

Visitor data

HomeTales website and apps also keep a record of general visitor data, including the most frequently visited pages or how our user experience the mobile app. One of the aims of this is to improve the design of the website and apps, enabling HomeTales to optimise the efficiency of its services.

Data retention

To provide a stable service with the right system performance, HomeTales apply data retention. This means that certain data only has a certain lifespan. HomeTales can adjust this lifetime unilaterally as we believe is best for providing the service. HomeTales has the authorisation, to which you agree when you use our services, to have different data retention periods depending on the type of data which we unilaterally can change. We do this to keep data storage optimal and having the best performance of our services. At this moment we offer the following data lifetime for the following components: home profile details is stored indefinite as long as you use your profile and delete yourself, tales are stored minimal 5 years if usage is on fair usage base (HomeTales has the right to name what fair use includes) otherwise HomeTales is allowed to clean it up before but also allowed to store it indefinite when HomeTales find it reasonable, notifications are only stored maximum 60 days, message and chat data will have a lifespan of up to one year, the functionality called your voice,if you have used it, will have a lifespan of up to 3 months. Tale project data will have a retention of up to one year. My information download data if you have used it has a maximum duration of 60 days. If you have chosen premium options that relate to data retention for a longer period of time then this will be described in the premium option.

Use of cookies

HomeTales uses cookies when offering its electronic services. A cookie is a small file stored on the hard disk of a computer. These cookies are used to make it easier to navigate the site and to allow HomeTales to provide visitors with targeted services, content and advertising. We work with carefully selected parties who also place cookies or web beacons on your computer to collect anonymous information about how you visit website and apps. This enables them to support us in targeting advertisements to our users. You have the option of refusing cookies by amending your web browser settings accordingly.


HomeTales reserves the right to make unilateral changes to this privacy statement. Changes or additions to the privacy statement will be published here and take effect immediately after publication. So check the privacy statement regularly. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us.

This Privacy Policy is edited on 01-11-2020